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SPACEMAN DIGITAL is a full service digital media production company located in Atlanta, GA specializing in video production, post production, motion graphics, visual effects
and live production.

Our experienced team can guide you through script-to-screen production or
individual media services for motion pictures, broadcast commercials, industrials and convergent media.

About Visia


We are award-winning media production experts. Our unique production facility houses our edit, animation and sound suites. In addition, we are forging our way with the first brave pioneers in the creative VR space.

Our work


Our state-of-the-art production suites are designed to meet the latest technical demands of production and design. But moreover, our goal is a collaborative and creative working environment for our talent as well as our clients. Our studio features a full 4K online and grading suite, graphics suites, sound design & mix room and producer offices.


A select list of productions, studios, brands and products we have worked on or in collaboration with:

About Visia